McKay, Sandi

Sandi Mckay was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1983. Sandi is of the Nisga’a Nation and is the son of well respected jeweller and carver, Henry Mckay. Sandi enjoyed working and playing with Northwest Coast designs as a child. This early interest quickly led to assisting his father with[…]

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Morrison, Mitchell

Mitchell Morrison was born in Kincolith, a Nisga’a community in the Nass Valley, in North Western British Columbia. Kincolith is also known as Gingolx, which comes from the Nisga’a words meaning “place of skulls”. When attacked by another nation, the people of Gingolx fought back and won. They hung their[…]

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Fairleigh, Vincent

A Member of the Frog Clan (Ganada), Vincent Fairleigh is a talented Nisga’a artist who has been studying the traditional forms of his culture since 1994. Although mainly working in wood, Vincent has also produced pieces in silver. Vincent’s art has been inspired by the many stories told to him[…]

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