Fairleigh, Vincent


A Member of the Frog Clan (Ganada), Vincent Fairleigh is a talented Nisga’a artist who has been studying the traditional forms of his culture since 1994. Although mainly working in wood, Vincent has also produced pieces in silver. Vincent’s art has been inspired by the many stories told to him by his family, mainly Chief Charlie Swanson (Himass) and Chief Chester Moore (Cliamwell). Vincent also expresses his culture through traditional Nisga’a dancing.

Vincent has been fortunate to be able to apprentice with renowned Nisga’a artist Norman Tait, and Kwakwaka’wakw artist David Neel. At an early age his uncle James Cornell inspired his interest in Nisga’a art. Vincent’s carvings reflect a deep respect for his culture and the families that own the rights to the stories and crests. He continues to explore and expand his knowledge of the culture and language of his people.