Angus, Trevor

Trevor was born in Kispiox, BC in February, 1970. His name is Tka’ast from the House of Wii minoosik.

Trevor has been carving for most of his life. He carved his first plaque when he was in grade four under the instruction of Victor Mowatt of Gitanmaax. Victor was his teacher through to high school. He also had Dan Yunkws as a teacher in high school. He spent a lot of time during high school at Ksan watching the carvers there.

After high school, Trevor was accepted to the Kitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian art at Ksan in Hazelton. His instructors were master carvers Vernon Stephens and Ken Mowatt. He completed the four year program in 1998. As part of this program he learned to design and carve plaques, ladles, panels, masks, rattles and paddles and the art of steaming bentwood boxes.

Trevor continues to be on a journey of learning. This includes an apprenticeship under Phillip Janze for engraving gold and silver Jewellery.

He considers himself very fortunate to have had great teachers within reach throughout years he has been carving. Trevor also appreciates the opportunities he’s had to watch and learn from Master carvers like Earl Muldon and the late Walter Harris. He continues to meet and learn from a number of different artists. It is a long journey to becoming a Master Carver; a goal that he has held since he picked up his first set of tools.