Prescott, Joshua


Joshua was born in Victoria, BC, though his cultural origin is Saskatchewan Cree. He has resided in Victoria for more than half of his life, but did travel and live with his family in others areas of Canada when he was young. Joshua attended High School in Victoria where Native art was taught to native students who expressed interest.

From grade 9 through 12, Joshua was taught by Victor Newman, a Kwakwaka’wakw artist from Fort Rupert. During this time, Joshua also worked with his uncle, Greg Prescott, who carves in Northwest Coast styles. Joshua was awarded the graduation prize and highest honours as the outstanding native art student for the whole district in the year 2000.

Victor Newman introduced Joshua to John Livingston in the hope that Joshua would apprentice with him. Joshua has been working under the tutelage and as an assistant to John Livingston from 1999 to the present. During this time, Joshua has worked on projects for Calvin Hunt, Eugene Hunt, Art Thompson, and Rande Cook.

Excelling in detail carving, Joshua produces a wide range of works, including masks, rattles, drums, canoe paddles and panels in a variety of woods.