Klar, Irene

Irene Klar is a Canadian artist born in 1950 in Montreal. Upon completion of science degrees at McGill University, she moved to Alberta and received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Alberta. Irene has lectured and instructed at various universities and colleges and continues to reside in Alberta.

Inspired by people, their textiles, decorations and colours experienced in her extensive international travels, Irene’s paintings, prints and textile designs are rich in these elements. Her works depict aboriginal women from around the world and are full of the intense colours of the local marketplaces. A distinct focus of her work is the blankets, wraps, hats and mittens that adorn her subject matter.

Irene Klar has provided works for Amnesty International, presented an image in support of the Trans-Canada Trail and has been commissioned by USC to provide a serigraph for women’s projects in Africa and Asia. In addition, Irene’s work has been exhibited throughout Canada, the US and around the world.