Reid, Ian

Ian Reid is an up-and-coming young artist. His ancestral name is Nusi, meaning “Full Moon.” Nusi is a Heiltsuk carver, apprenticing under Kwakwaka’wakw artist Simon “Tahnis” Dick. His creations are inspired by the cultural knowledge passed down to him from his elders. His main cultural mentor has been his great aunt Mary Hunt. She is one of the last matriarchs of the Heiltsuk Nation with extensive historical knowledge.

Nusi was born on November 9, 1978 at Waglisla, Bella Bella where he has spent most of his life. He continues to be involved with his home community and culture. As a traditional dancer and singer, he feels performing is a sacred responsibility. To Nusi, the old teachings manifest themselves in both ancient and contemporary art forms: “It seems I’ve been singing and dancing all my life and now my carving completes this circle for me.”

Nusi’s goal is to continue to grow as an artist and create pieces for both commercial and ceremonial use in potlatches. Nusi’s respect and reverence for Aboriginal culture gives inspiration and meaning to his creations.