Neel, David


David Neel was born in 1960 and is from the Kwakwaka’wakw culture group of the central coast of British Columbia and northern Vancouver Island.

David was born into an innovative family of artists. David’s great uncle is acclaimed artist Mungo Martin, his great grandfather is Charlie James and his grandmother is Ellen Neel (the first woman carver on the northwest coast).

David’s widely exhibited works include glass etchings, dance regalia and Jewellery.

David’s formal training in fine arts was at the University of Kansas and at Mount Royal College in Alberta. Following a career as a professional photographer in Texas, David returned to the northwest coast to begin two major projects. Many will know David for his exhibition and books “Our Chiefs and Elders” and “The Great Canoes”, which has been touring North America consistently since 1980.

David’s talents are diverse, and he is dedicated to promoting and preserving his Kwakwaka’wakw heritage.