White, April


April White is a direct descendant of renowned Haida artist, Charles Edenshaw. She was born on the Queen Charlotte Islands and into a culture where art through innovation is a tradition.

April possessed a natural inclination to create. Although she knew art would eventually become a dominate part of her life, education was essential to acquiring perspective. This led April to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of British Columbia.

Working as a geologist in remote areas of the Canadian west was an invaluable experience in which April honed the visual faculty essential to her paintings. In those isolated settings, April developed her own style and while exploring her medium was able to record and transform the wild majesty of nature.

Entirely self taught, her work possesses detailed sensitivity, deep emotional tone and serenity.

April’s paintings, which are enthusiastically collected, take one into what she sees; the cool underside of a blade of grass, ocean sky, slick black rocks at the edge of the world or the exquisite dew kissed petals of a wild rose.