Pauls, Grant

Grant Pauls is an artist who began his journey by helping other artists come up with unique concepts for their own art. With a growing passion in traditional and unique west coast native art he began focusing his concepts into his own art design. As an artist, Grant Pauls is[…]

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Edzerza, Alano

Alano Edzerza is a young contemporary artist from Victoria, British Columbia who now lives in Vancouver and belongs to the Raven Clan of the Tahltan Nation. Alano found art at a very young age and has now established himself in a professional career with pieces being sold internationally. Under the[…]

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Campbell, Terrence

Terrence Campbell was born in 1953 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia and is from the Wolf clan of the Tahltan Nation, with his family originating from Telegragh Creek, B.C. Terrence’s Tahltan name is “Eth-cath-kee” which means “teacher of the children”. Terrence began carving and painting at the age 15. At[…]

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