Sam, Stone

I, Stone Sam (b. 2004), A Squamish Nation artist became interested in the traditional Art form at a very young age. I was inspired by watching my father Klatle-Bhi create beautiful pieces in his workshop. From there I was determined to create beautiful pieces like him. I get lots of[…]

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Klatle-bhi (pronounced “Cloth-Bay”) was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia in 1966. He began his life as an artist studying the works of his ancestors featured in museums and galleries. Klatle-bhi spent many hours with artists Beau Dick, Wayne Alfred, Wade Baker and Rick Harry, absorbing their understanding and knowledge[…]

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Baker, Todd

Todd Jason Baker was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia in 1965. He is the grandson of the (late) great leader and speaker Chief Khot-la-cha (Chief Simon Baker). He has lived most of his life in North Vancouver and completed his high school education and many years of post secondary[…]

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