Sam, Stone

I, Stone Sam (b. 2004), A Squamish Nation artist became interested in the traditional Art form at a very young age. I was inspired by watching my father Klatle-Bhi create beautiful pieces in his workshop. From there I was determined to create beautiful pieces like him. I get lots of[…]

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Klatle-bhi (pronounced “Cloth-Bay”) was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia in 1966. He began his life as an artist studying the works of his ancestors featured in museums and galleries. He spent many hours with artists Beau Dick, Wayne Alfred, Wade Baker and Rick Harry, absorbing their understanding and knowledge[…]

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Baker, Todd

Todd Jason Baker was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia in 1965. He is the grandson of the (late) great leader and speaker Chief Khot-la-cha (Chief Simon Baker). He has lived most of his life in North Vancouver and completed his high school education and many years of post secondary[…]

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