Hunt, Stan


Stan Hunt III was born in Alert Bay, a rich cultural centre for the Kwakwaka’wakw people. For many years, the people of Alert Bay resisted attempts to ban the potlatch and either went to jail or continued the practice in an underground manner rather than give up their potlatch regalia and traditional practices. As a result, this persistence has allowed Alert Bay and its people to maintain many of their cultural traditions: songs, dances and regalia designs.

Stan Hunt III has been carving since he was a young boy and has worked alongside such important artists as Beau Dick, Richard Hunt and the late Joe Peters Jr.

In recent years, Stan Hunt III has focused on carving masks, especially representing the Hamatsa attendants. His multiple masks, done in the style of Willie Seaweed, have become his signature works. Stan Hunt III produces works that are superb in terms of their craftsmanship and balance.