Burton Amos

Heritage — Haisla/Tsimshian

Burton Amos was born on June 10th, 1963 in Kitimat, British Columbia, a port town off the northern coast. Burton is a member of the Haisla/Tsimshian nation and currently resides in Vancouver, where he works full-time as a filmmaker. He is an accomplished artist, traditional carver and poet.

In his visual work, Burton specializes in bentwood box style design in his prints, regalia, masks and small totems. He works in many mediums as a carver, printmaker and filmmaker and has sold works around the world. Along with his visual works, he also has a book of poetry that has taken 14 years to complete and will be published upon the completion of the accompanying artworks. Burton is currently working on a book of short stories, and enjoys creating documentaries on his own time.

Burton Amos strives to preserve native languages and traditions through his many art forms, which each portray the sacredness of Haisla/Tsimshian culture and heritage in their own way.