Jomie Ipeelie

Heritage — Inuit

Jomie Ipeelie was born in 1963 in Iqaluit on Baffin Island.

Jomie’s father, Seepee Ipeelie, a carver known for his interpretation of the muskox, originally came from Pangnirtung. Seepee moved to Iqaluit in 1945. On his father’s side, Jomie comes from a family of artists.

Jomie commenced carving at the age of fifteen, which lead him to carve full-time as a regular source of income.

Jomie gets his inspiration from the traditions of his people, spending time out on the land both in winter and summer. He knows the traditional way of hunting for seals, walrus, caribou, ptarmigan and geese.

Like his father and grandfather, Jomie’s favourite subject to carve is the musk ox. His carvings are strong and direct.