Noo Atsiaq

Heritage — Inuit

Noo Atsiaq was born in Cape Dorset, Nunavut in 1985 and, like many younger artists, comes from a family that was part of the original art-makers of the Arctic.

He has followed in his ancestor’s path, but makes the art his own. His work embodies a fluid sense of movement and incorporates the inner nature of the particular stone. Skilled at working in the round, Noo’s use of positive and negative space gives his work an openness of design and a strong presence.

Cape Dorset carvings are recognized for their highly naturalistic forms and dramatic compositions carved from “green stone”. Ranging in colour from light yellow to black, the local serpentine stone used for carving has qualities that allow the artist to carve fluid outlines, daring and delicate lines and smooth, elegant finishes. It is a wealth of talent and imagination that has earned Cape Dorset a reputation as a vibrant art centre.